Bicycle Services and Repair Pricing

Need something specific worked on? Check out our service price lists below

General Bicycle Repairs

Brake Bleed – Major – DOT$50.00Brake
Brake Bleed – Major – Mineral Oil$45.00Brake
Brake Bleed – Minor – DOT$30.00Brake
Brake Bleed – Minor – Mineral Oil$25.00Brake
Brake Cable/Housing Install – External$20.00Brake
Brake Cable/Housing Install – Internal$25.00Brake
Brake Hose Install – External$30.00Brake
Brake Hose Install – Internal$35.00Brake
Brake Lever Install – Hydraulic$50.00Brake
Brake Lever Install – Mechanical$25.00Brake
Brake Pad Install – Hydraulic$15.00Brake
Brake Pad Install – Mechanical$20.00Brake
Brake Rotor Install$25.00Brake
Brake System Adjustment – Hydraulic$15.00Brake
Brake System Adjustment – Mechanical$20.00Brake
Brake System Install – Hydraulic$60.00Brake
Brake System Install – Mechanical$40.00Brake
Handlebar Install – Drop w/ Tape Install$50.00Control
Handlebar Install – Flat/Riser w/ Grip$20.00Control
Headset Adjustment$15.00Control
Headset Install – Integrated$30.00Control
Headset Install – Press-fit$45.00Control
Saddle Install$15.00Control
Seatpost – Dropper – Cable Install$30.00Control
Seatpost – Dropper – Hose Install$60.00Control
Seatpost Cut and Install$20.00Control
Seatpost Install – Dropper – Hydraulic$65.00Control
Seatpost Install – Dropper – Mechanical$45.00Control
Bottom Bracket Install – Press-fit$50.00Drivetrain
Bottom Bracket Install – Threaded$40.00Drivetrain
Chain Install –  1X Drivetrain$20.00Drivetrain
Chain Install – 1X$20.00Drivetrain
Chain Install – 2X/3X$25.00Drivetrain
Crankset Install – 2X/3X$40.00Drivetrain
Crankset Install – Single Ring$30.00Drivetrain
Derailleur Indexing – Basic$20.00Drivetrain
Derailleur Indexing – Complex w/ Alignment$30.00Drivetrain
Derailleur Install – Front$35.00Drivetrain
Derailleur Install – Rear$35.00Drivetrain
Electronic Shifting System – Adjustment$20.00Drivetrain
Electronic Shifting System – Full Customization$60.00Drivetrain
Gearbox Shift Indexing$40.00Drivetrain
Hub/Gearbox Oil Change$80.00Drivetrain
Planetary Gear/Hub Shift Indexing$40.00Drivetrain
Shift Cable/Housing Install – External$20.00Drivetrain
Shift Cable/Housing Install – Internal$25.00Drivetrain
Shift Lever Install – Pair$60.00Drivetrain
Shift Lever Install – Single$35.00Drivetrain
Adjust Bicycle to Provided Fit Measurements$60.00General
Drivetrain Clean and Regrease$100.00General
Safety Inspection – Quote for Services$60.00General
Fork Steerer Cut and Install$45.00Suspension
Remote Cable Replacement – External$25.00Suspension
Remote Cable Replacement – Internal$35.00Suspension
Shock Install$35.00Suspension
Suspension Benchmark Set-up$40.00Suspension
Cassette Install$25.00Wheel
Freewheel Install$20.00Wheel
Hub Service – Major – Front$40.00Wheel
Hub Service – Major – Rear$50.00Wheel
Hub Service – Minor – Front$20.00Wheel
Hub Service – Minor – Rear$25.00Wheel
Replace Spoke – Minor – Front$35.00Wheel
Replace Spoke – Minor – Rear$45.00Wheel
Replace Spoke(s) – Major – Front$45.00Wheel
Replace Spoke(s) – Major – Rear$65.00Wheel
Sealant Check and Top-up$20.00Wheel
The Deben-Haul – Full Rear Hub and FHB Rebuild$90.00Wheel
Tire Insert Install$45.00Wheel
Tire/Tube Install – Complex$40.00Wheel
Tire/Tube Install – Standard$20.00Wheel
Tubeless Tire/Wheel Set-up – Complex$55.00Wheel
Tubeless Tire/Wheel Set-up – Simple$35.00Wheel
Wheel Build$120.00Wheel
Wheel Install – Front$25.00Wheel
Wheel Install – Rear$35.00Wheel
Wheel True – Major$45.00Wheel
Wheel True – Minor$25.00Wheel

Bike Builds

Single-Speed Build and Demo$80.00Build
Standard Mountain Build and Demo$120.00Build
Standard Road Build and Demo$140.00Build
eBike Build and Demo$220.00Build


Fork Lower Service – Current$55.00Suspension
Shock Air Can Service – Current$55.00Suspension
Fork Lower Service – Legacy$65.00Suspension
Shock Air Can Service – Legacy$65.00Suspension
Shock Air Can Service – Current$50.00Suspension
Shock Air Can Service – Legacy$65.00Suspension
Send Fork For Factory Service – Charged by FactorySuspension
Send Shock For Factory Service – Charged by FactorySuspension
Suspension Linkage Lube and Check/Replace – Hourly$120.00/hrSuspension
Aftermarket Tuning Component Install – Hourly$120.00/hrSuspension
Shock Install$35.00Suspension
Fork Steerer Cut and Install$45.00Suspension
Suspension Benchmark Set-up$40.00Suspension
Remote Cable Replacement – External$25.00Suspension
Remote Cable Replacement – Internal$35.00Suspension


eBike Electronic Component Replacement – Hourly$120.00eBike
eBike Tire/Tube Install – Hub-Drive$50.00eBike
eBike Tire/Tube Install – Mid-Drive$35.00eBike
eBike Mechanical Component Replacement – Hourly$120.00eBike

Hourly/General Labour

Minimum Labour$15.00General
1-Hour General Labour – Walk-up$100.00General
1-Hour General – Outcall$120.00General
1-Hour General – Shop Visit$100.00General
15-Minute General – General Service$30.00General


TUP1 +parts/shop supplies$85.00Tune-up Packages
TUP2 +parts/shop supplies$120.00Tune-up Packages
TUP3 +parts/shop supplies$170.00Tune-up Packages
TUP4 +parts/shop supplies$240.00Tune-up Packages
TUP5 +parts/shop supplies$330.00Tune-up Packages

All services completed by The Loose Hub come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you have any concerns about the services completed by TLH please reach out to us immediately via phone or email, we will find an efficient and amicable resolution for your concerns. TLH can not be held responsible for damages sustained during rides or transport but, we’re riders too and we understand that $#!* happens sometimes whether you’re shredding the gnar or “Just riding along”. If you’ve hurt your bike just after we’ve serviced it, we’ll have you back and make it right as quickly and cost-effectively as possible!

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