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We love them all! While we are lucky enough to be able to service some of Calgary’s most premium bicycles, we’re just happy to see you smiling while you’re riding down the path, roadway, or mountain

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Want to check out the shop? We are parked in and around Calgary Monday through Friday for your convenience

We understand that some people rely on their bicycles for transportation and require a pick-up, some of our clients enjoy the convenience of our curb-side service, and some just don’t have the time to make it to the shop. Whatever the reason, we would be happy to dispatch a Mobile Service Advisor to you. They will complete a Pre-TUP Inspection report, advise and quote the best services for you and your ride, and zip your bike or bikes away to our Mobile LBS parked nearby to be delivered back to you when complete.

We rotate our parking schedule based on demand in and around Calgary. Our HPD services are available daily from 9 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon (but are happy to accommodate) with most services completed within the day. In some cases we may need to order a part or send a component away for factory service; in that scenario we will complete the service and deliver it back to you as soon as the part or component arrives!

Plan ahead. Book an appointment. Ride on time.

Maximize your riding season by planning ahead. Call or email to book an appointment to minimize your downtime.

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Our promise to you

All services completed by The Loose Hub come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you have any concerns about the services completed by TLH please reach out to us immediately via phone or email, we will find an efficient and amicable resolution for your concerns. TLH can not be held responsible for damages sustained during rides or transport but, we’re riders too and we understand that $#!* happens sometimes whether you’re shredding the gnar or “Just riding along”. If you’ve hurt your bike just after we’ve serviced it, we’ll have you back and make it right as quickly and cost-effectively as possible!